RV Propane Containers & Accessories

The Recreational Vehicle (RV) lifestyle requires the use of propane for cooking, water heating, refrigeration and provides heat to keep you warm and comfortable. Manchester Tank offers a comprehensive line of ASME Vapor Propane Tanks and vertical/horizontal DOT Propane Cylinders for recreational vehicles and the related accessories. 

ASME Vapor Propane Tank Features

  • Designed and constructed in accordance with ASME Code for permanent mounting on recreational vehicles
  • Diameter sizes up to 20"
  • 312 PSI working pressure
  • Canadian Provincial registration numbers available on most ASME Vapor Propane Tanks
  • Typical valve layout for ASME Vapor Propane Tanks:
    • Relief Valve – UL listed 312 PSI internal spring operation
    • Vapor Service Valve – UL listed internal excess flow
    • Outage Valve (Fixed Maximum Liquid Level Gauge) – UL listed
    • 80% Stop Fill Valve (Overfilling Prevention Device) – UL listed 
    • Sight Gauge – UL listed (standard dial chamber or 0-90 ohm remote sender optional)


  • Two Stage Regulators – standard and automatic changeover
  • Dual Rack Kits available for 20 lb., 30 lb. and 40 lb. cylinders 
  • UL/CGA pigtail assemblies
  • UL listed supply hose assemblies
  • Visual gauges - standard and remote ready available
  • Relief device pipe away adapter


For more information about Manchester Tank’s RV Propane Containers & Accessories, contact customer service at 800-640-6327 or request a quote.