Hand Held Propane Torches

Manchester Tank’s Hand Held Propane Torches are lightweight, portable and ideal weed control, ice melting, pre-heating steel and more.

Our Handiboy Hand Burner is the best value on the market. A special recessed orifice makes it virtually wind-proof and a brass needle valve allows the operator to control the flame up to 500,000 BTUs.

The Power Jet is a patented 3' burner with an adjustable needle valve pilot, providing maximum wind control and stability. The operator has complete control of the length and the amount of flames at his fingertips. Its capacity is 750,000 BTUs.

The Super "8" Power Jet is an 8' long, lightweight (4 lbs.) heavy-duty burner. It utilizes tank pressure, has an adjustable stainless steel pilot and squeeze trigger valve for total operator control in irrigation ditches, turn rows, fence undergrowth and heavy brush in fire breaks, culverts and roadsides. This Hand Held Propane Torch is recommended for professional use by experienced farmers, firemen, city or county road departments and contractors. Its burner capacity is 20 gallons per hour, or 1,800,000 BTUs.


  • Designed for use only with a vapor withdrawal container
  • Sturdy construction
  • Portable and lightweight anodized aluminum provides long-lasting, tireless operation
  • Adjustable propane flame
  • Brass orifice
  • Stainless steel pilot tip adds longer life
  • Long lasting burner head
  • Gas flow trigger is fingertip controlled on Power Jet burner
  • Locking device prevents failure when burner is in continuous operation on Power Jet burner
  • For outdoor use only
  • Made in the U.S.A.



Catalog # Description BTU Kilojoule KJ Shipping Weight Lbs. Package Qty.
8062 Handiboy Burner Bubble Pack Kit 50,000 527,500 4.5 8
8053 Handiboy Burner 50,000 527,520 2 1
8017 3 ft Power Jet Hand Burner 750,000 791,250 2.5 4
8061 3 ft Power Jet Hand Burner Bubble Pack Kit 750,000 791,250 5.8 6
8012 Super 8 ft Power Jet Hand Burner 2,000,000 2,110,111 4 4