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Vacuum Receivers
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vacuum receiverOUR 60 - 400 GALLON VACUUM RECEIVERS contain the following features:

  • Designed and constructed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div-I Code.
  • "U" stamped and registered with the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Capable of building to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) codes.
  • Custom engineered designs available upon request.
  • Internal baffle plate installed.
  • Hinged closure for internal clean out.
  • Exterior surface painted with one coat standard shop primer.
  • Special exterior and interior coatings available upon request.

Most designs are stocked for immediate shipment from the following locations:

Bedford, IN
Walnut, CA
Tillsonburg, ON
Quincy, IL
Carrollton, TX
Clearwater, FL

For current availability and custom design requests, contact Customer Service:

Bedford, IN
Quincy, IL
P: (800) 399-5628
P: (800) 926-2791
F: (800) 877-9988
F: (800) 596-2284

Catalog No. Technical Files Gal. Size
300956 PDF 3D PDF 3D STEP for Engineers 60 20x48
300957 PDF 3D PDF 3D STEP for Engineers 80 20x63
300958 PDF 3D PDF 3D STEP for Engineers 120 24x67
300959 PDF 3D PDF 3D STEP for Engineers 240 30x84
300960 PDF 3D PDF 3D STEP for Engineers 400 36x93
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