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Solid Filters
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Glycol Solids FilterOUR Solid Filters contain the following features:

  • Carbon steel, pressurized cylindrical vessel.
  • Diameters ranging between 10”-18”.
  • MAWP 125# @ 250°F.
  • Hinged tee bolt style closure for easy access and positive "o" ring seal.
  • Flanged inlet and outlets.
  • Welded absolute drain for better drainage and cleaning.
  • Lift lugs for easier handling during installation process.
  • Full diameter skirt and baseplate for better stability.
  • Full liquid circulation around each filter element to assure maximum contact and filtration thru each canister.
  • Inlet deflector to protect filter elements.
  • Lift handles on top filter seal/alignment plate.
  • PSV connections on vessel.
  • Manufactured to ASME Section VIII Division 1 Code latest edition and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Primary applications:
    • Filtration of glycols and amine for removal and absorption of of solid particulate from glycol-amine systems
    • Glycol Dehydration Units
    • Amine Units
All vessels are typically kept in stock for immediate shipment from Bedford, IN or Carrollton, TX. For current availability and custom design requests, please contact:

Bedford, IN Customer Service
Quincy, IL Customer Service
P: (800) 399-5628
P: (800) 926-2791
Email Us
F: (800) 877-9988
F: (800) 596-2284

Catalog No. Technical
309714 PDF 3D PDF Glycol Solid Filters, 10" OD X 3'8" S/S, Vertical, 125 PSIG, 250°F ASME Tank
4 Element FTS 336-C-75
309710 PDF 3D PDF Glycol Solid Filters, 12" OD X 3'8" S/S, Vertical, 125 PSIG, 250°F ASME Tank
6 Element FTS 336-C-75
309715 PDF 3D PDF Glycol Solid Filters, 18" OD X 3'8" S/S, Vertical, 125 PSIG, 250°F ASME Tank
15 Element FTS 336-C-75
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