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August 31, 2016 — Manchester Tank Unveils New Features on 1000 Lb. Refrigerant Cylinders
1000 Lb. Refrigerant Cylinders
Manchester Tank continues to do its part to protect the environment from the harmful hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that if left unchecked or improperly disposed of will deplete the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer. For years HVAC technicians have been using MANCHESTER TANK’S REFRIGERANT CYLINDERS in their refrigerant recovery systems for the purpose of recovery, reclamation, transportation, recycling and storage.

Saving the environment is one of the most obvious benefits to a solid recovery system, but we realize that there are numerous costs associated with the process. Refrigerant costs continue to rise, some refrigerant supplies have tightened and environmental compliance costs are increasing. The need for both a solid recovery system and wider use of reclamation is more important than ever. With all of these costs in mind, Manchester Tank has made significant design changes to our 1000 Lb. Refrigerant Cylinders:
  • Manchester Tank’s new collar design features a 16” diameter lid and collar designed to include 3 larger oval openings allowing easier/more access to valves
  • Stamping is incorporated directly into the collar improving legibility and appearance
  • Simplified 4 piece, 4-way pallet base design is now made with structural tubing instead of sheet metal
These changes will result in cost savings to our valued customers, and you will still receive the same quality cylinders you have come to expect from Manchester Tank.
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